Yoga for Beginners

Classroom based 

Week 1 Introduction to Yoga/Abdominal breathing and some of the classical yoga poses

Week 2 Yoga poses for movement of the spine, coupled with yogic breathing

Week 3 Awareness and strengthening of the core with classical yoga poses

Week 4 Integrating the breath and sequencing warm ups and poses

Week 5 Finding space and openness of the hips and freer movement

Week 6 Finding strength, stability and comfort

Week 7 Balancing poses and experiencing “one-pointedness”/ concentration

Week 8 Finding the skills and sequences to practice Yoga safely at home

€ 70*

* Inclusive of all taxes

Duration : 8 Weeks
Tutor : Sheila Gavin Robollo
Start Date : 28/2/2022
Time : 7.00PM - 8.00PM
No. of Classes : 8
Room : 17