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Yoga with Sheila Gavin Robollo

8-week Yoga programme

Tutor: Sheila Rebollo

  • Week 1 Introduction to Yoga/Abdominal breathing and some of the classical yoga poses
  • Week 2 Yoga poses for movement of the spine, coupled with yogic breathing
  • Week 3 Awareness and strengthening of the core with classical yoga poses
  • Week 4 Integrating the breath and sequencing warm ups and poses
  • Week 5 Finding space and openness of the hips and freer movement
  • Week 6 Finding strength, stability and comfort
  • Week 7 Balancing poses and experiencing “one-pointedness”/ concentration
  • Week 8 Finding the skills and sequences to practice Yoga safely at home

Classical Yoga 90-minute class

  • Initial relaxation ( 5 mins)
  • Breathing (10 mins)
  • Warm ups and Sun Salutations (10 mins)
  • Core strengthening (10 mins)
  • Inversion cycles (10 mins)
  • Forward bends and back bends (10 mins)
  • Spinal twists (10 mins)
  • Standing poses and balancing poses (10 mins)
  • Final Relaxation and Meditation (15 mins)