Yoga for Adventurous Beginners

8-week Yoga programme


Tutor: Sheila Rebollo

Class is suitable for students already with some yoga experience. This term we will delve deeper into our asana practice and try new variations while being mindful of our breath. We will explore  our body and breath more and observe how our mind behaves when facing challenges both on and off the mat.
Classes include:
Building on the fundamental breath techniques and poses already introduced in term 1
Exploring pranayama (breathing techniques) more deeply, and introducing retention of the breath
Mastering the breath while in asana
Inversions , exploring the sholderstand cycle more deeply
Hip openers -tension versus compression
 Engaging (moolabandha) the pelvic floor and  building core strength and awareness
Standing poses- finding strength and stability
Variations of forward bends
Variations of back bends
Experiencing traditional yoga philosophical themes both on and off our mats