Work Experience


To introduce the pupils to quality work experience/work shadowing within a supervised framework that provides learning objectives and assessment as well as realistic and positive feedback

  • ‘Work Experience’ is an educational activity which is a key component of some Senior Cycle programmes, Leaving Certificate Applied, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme and all Post Leaving Certificate Courses.
  • Work Experience is a short term placement of students by school authorities with local employers during the school year.
  • Ideally, placement should introduce the student to quality work experience within a supervised framework that provides learning objectives and assessment as well as realistic and positive feedback
  • Where work experience is a required component of the Course Programme, pupil participation is obligatory.

Procedures for students to note:

When a pupil is unable to attend work placement
If a pupil cannot turn up for work they must inform their employer at the earliest opportunity. They must also contact the school ensuring the Coordinator is informed. An absence note signed by a parent or guardian must be submitted to the Coordinator.
Persistent lack of participation in work experience may mean the student will be asked to attend a meeting with their parent/guardian with the Principal/Co-ordinator.

When the pupil must take part in a school activity
The employer is informed prior to the work placement about the school activity and asked if they would allow them to take time off.

When the pupil is having problems with their work placement
Pupils are asked to continue with the work placement, inform the coordinator and a strategy will be devised with the student to help them deal with the problem.
Pupils are encouraged to maintain a positive relationship with their employer at all times as they represent the school by their actions.

When an employer is not satisfied with the pupil’s level of work
The Coordinator will meet with the pupil to discuss the matter. If no improvement is noted the school reserves the right to terminate the work placement and this will be further dealt with within school.