Spreadsheets using Excel QQI 5


Class 1 and 2 cells , rows, columns, data types, formula, autofill,

Class 3 formulas, absolute and relative cell referencing, printing options

Class 4 functions, named ranges, sorting spreadsheet data, filtering

Class 5 ChartsĀ  (types, creating, formatting, displaying, adding additional data, column charts based on multiple ranges)

Class 6 If statements (simple, conditional formatting)

Class 7 If statements (compound, AND, OR function and nested)

Class 8 Lookups (vertical, horizontal)

Class 9 lookups (continued, Lookup errors, editing lookup table)

Class 10 Examination practice

Class 11 QQI 5 Examination

Course material required : Step by Step Spreadsheets Gill Education (ISBN

Assessment method:

50% Project

50% Examinatio