Photography; An Introduction

Introduction to Digital Photography

Tutor Finn Mooney


Duration 6 weeks for 1hr 30mins

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to digital photography.

Students will learn how to select and use simple digital camera equipment and develop skills in camera handling techniques enabling an overall awareness of the importance of composition and viewpoint to make creative and meaningful photographs.

On completion of the course the student will have developed the basic techniques of digital photography to include:

  • how to select and use a digital camera and accessories;
  • gaining an overall awareness of the camera and its controls; use composition and viewpoint to produce creative photographic images;
  • selecting the appropriate camera setting, image type and  file size for a given purpose;
  • production of  well-composed images of a range of subjects;
  • downloading images from the camera to a computer and use basic photo-editing software to enhance images; save, file, store and retrieve images;
  • an introduction to printing and presentation methods.

Students will be encouraged to produce a workbook and portfolio of images which reflect what they have learned on the course.


Posted on

January 3, 2018