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Mathematics for College Entry 5N1833QQI Level 5 Minor Award

This class is designed for students who are doing or have completed  QQI Level 5 Major award and who need Mathematics for admission to their University or Institute of Technmology Course.  

Tutor: Joanna Byrne

Objectives of the Programme Module

• To facilitate the learner in their progression of using mathematics for work and life

• To assist the learner to develop the academic and vocational language, literacy and numeracy skills related to Mathematics[5N1833] through the medium of the indicative content

• To enable the learner to take responsibility for his her own learning

• To assist the learner to apply mathematics in a variety of real life situations

• To enable the learner to acquire mathematical skill in problem solving and mathematical investigations in the following areas: mathematical modelling, statistics and probability, graphing functions, differential and integral calculus, complex numbers and trigonometry

• To facilitate the learner to develop competence in problem solving, mathematical, computation, mathematical thinking and conceptual development

Assessment is by Examination and Assignments.