Italian for Beginners

Tutor: Costanza Curia
Basic Italian taught over 6 weeks through typical daily scenarios.

Week 1

Introduction’s, meet & greet. 
Students will be able to give basic information about themselves. Where the are from, number in family.

Week 2

Working Life in Italy
Students will be able to give basic information about their job, pastimes

Directions and transport, where is the station/ museum etc. Places of interest. Where to take a bus, train or tram and buying a ticket.

Week 3
Cafe and restaurant. Italian’s are passionate about coffee and food.  Learn about life inside the cafe, why people have a coffee at the bar instead of sitting down, the many different types of coffee and liqueurs on offer.  The inner sanctum of the Italian restaurant, and some of the regional signature dishes.

Week 4
Sightseeing, a whistle stop tour around some of Italy’s well known and more off the beaten track sights.

Week 5
Italian fashion, colour and numbers, clothes sizes.

Week 6
Recap and quiz