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Geanology; tracing your family history Stage 2

Genealogy: Tracing your Family History: Stage 2

6 week course: 1.5 hours long

Tutor Mairead Greene

This course will follow on from the introduction course and is a chance to delve deeper into your ancestors’ lives. Did your ancestor fight in World War One? Was he a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary or did he/she fight in the 1916 Rising or the War of Independence?

Did they emigrate or find themselves in court or worse still in the workhouse?

Occupational Records such as Teachers, railway and canal, Clerical and various trades will be explored through both online resources and national repositories. By the end of the course, your family tree will not just have branches but you will know where your roots started.

Week 1:               Introduction to Our Family Ancestors

Quick revision of Online Resources and decisions on what ancestors’ lives you want to concentrate on

Week 2:               Websites for repositories and what’s available to view at such repositories as the National Archives, National Library and the Registry of Deeds.

Week 3:               Land Valuation Office, Landed Estate Papers and Ordinance Survey Maps

Week 4:               Trade and Professional Directories, Irish Newspaper Archives, the House of Commons Papers.

Week 5:               Military Records for World War 1 and 2, the 1916 Rising and War of Independence  and records for the RIC.

Week 6:               Conclusion:  Power Point Presentation of your ancestors’ Life/lives.