Diploma For Accounting Technicians Year 2

Diploma For Accounting Technicians Year 2



Induction Day Thursday 20th September 2018 at 8.15pm

What is an Accounting Technician?

Accounting Technicians are qualified accounting professionals employed throughout all levels of finance across the public sector, industry, commerce and private accountancy practices. They can perform a wide range of financial roles typically associated with fully trained accountants including:

  • Financial Accounting and Budgeting
  • Costing and Credit Control
  • Payroll Administration and Tax Returns
  • Senior Managerial Tasks
  • Auditing and Assurance work
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Tax Planning
  • Insolvency

 Who it’s for

 The Diploma Course is the second year program for trainee Accounting Technicians.

The Diploma for Accounting Technicians is awarded on successful completion of all subjects in year 1 and 2.  Year 2 modules listed below. It is aligned with Level 6 of the Irish National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) in the Republic of Ireland.

In Second Year students study:

  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Advanced Taxation
  • Integrated Accounting Systems
  • Management Accounting

Cost per module where less than 4 modules taken is €250 per module.

Please Note: A commitment to additional independent study is required.

Entry requirements apply (see ATI website). Students are advised that they need to hold a pass grade in Financial Accounting, Taxation and one other subject from Year 1 Certificate to progress to Year 2.

Students should also be aware that the course fee covers tuition costs only and that Accounting Technicians Ireland charges its members for registration and examination fees. The costs for 2018-19 will be; Registration fee – €75, Examination fee per subject – €75 (IAS €120), Manuals fee per subject €65.

For more details visit Accounting Technicians Ireland website at www.AccountingTechniciansIreland.ie