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Digital citizen get started with the internet

Tutor Jim Cusack

Getting Citizens Online

What will I learn?

Training classes will include the following:

  • An Introduction to the internet
  • Internet Safety
  • How to send & receive Emails
  • Using online government services, i.e. Ag Food, Motor Tax, Passports etc.
  • Using online banking services
  • How to use “Apps” i.e. weather, traffic, news
  • How to use Social Media i.e. Skype, Facebook, Twitter
  • Online Shopping

How are the training classes structured?

Each person attending these classes will receive 10 hours free classroom training. Class duration will be a maximum of 2 hours per class.

Maximum class size is 10 people.

A computer or laptop will be provided for use during each class or if you prefer you can bring your own device i.e. smartphone, tablet or laptop.

A refundable deposit of €40 will be taken by the tutor to ensure participation and completion to Dept regulations.