Chinese Language and Culture

Chinese Language and Culture

Tutor: Tina Wu

Chinese Language Learning Objectives
Class Number (1.5h per each) Chinese Language outcomes Chinese Culture Introduction
Class 1 Chinese Syllable Table (Chinese Pinyin phonetics system)





Mandarin introduction


Class 2 Greetings in normal and polite ways Chinese greeting culture

How to shake hands in China?

Class 3 1, Personal pronouns

2, What is your name?

3, Introduce self and others


Chinese Green Tea Culture
Class 4 Family members


Chinese family and relatives’ relationship
Class 5 Numbers

Counting numbers from 0-100

Chinese number culture

Which are lucky numbers in China?

Which are unlucky numbers in China?

Class 6 Dates




Chinese holidays dates and culture

Spring Festival date

Mid-Autumn Festival date

Dragon Boat Festival date


Class 7 How old are you?

Talk about ages

Culture of Chinese Zodiac

“Birth animals”

Class 8 When is your birthday? Chinese birthday party culture

How to give the right gifts in China?