Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance

Bicycle Maintenance Express Bootcamp

Tutor : Scott Kinsella

Did you buy a bike on the “Bike to work” scheme or have you started racing / triathlons? On this course you will learn how to deal with on-the-road emergencies, preventative maintenance before and after racing / touring, how to set up and do basic repairs on your bicycle

Course Content:

You will also learn the names and functions of parts on different types of bicycles and how to  clean & what to lubricate. 

  • Emergency roadside repairs
    • Wheel truing
    • Chain repair
    • Emergency Tyre repair
    • Emergency puncture repair
    • Road side brake adjustment
    • Roadside Gear adjustment
    • Essential tool kit
  • How to check your brakes, tyre pressure and bolt connections. 
  • How to make minor brake and gear adjustments tighten brakes and stop those squeaks /clicks. 
  • How to make comfort adjustments to suit you adjusting saddle and handlebar height. 
  • How to fix your brakes replace cables and pads and learn how to set road and mountain bike.
  • How to fix your gears replace cables and set front and rear dérailleurs – different gear shifters.
  • How to replace chain / gear block using chain tool and split link, threaded / unthreaded blocks
  • How to replace cranks and pedals.
  • How to service your bottom bracket.
  • How to service your headset.
  • How to service your wheel axle.