Advanced Payroll Studies using SAGE QQI 6N4005 (with PAYE modernisation)

The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the knowledge, skills and competence to record, edit, interpret, analyse and process payroll data using manual and computerised systems within an organisation.

Programme Description

  • Analyse a range of documentation an employee may receive form the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of online services offered by the Revenue Commissioners
  • Complete all appropriate employer tax return forms manually.
  • Illustrate how an overpayment or underpayment of tax and PRSI can occur as results of changes in tax credits and various thresholds.
  • Setting u  and converting data and entering employee data on a computerised payroll system.
  • Process the payroll manually and electronically for employees taxed in accordance with the normal, temporary and emergency tax systems from a range of data supplied to include; regular pay, bonus, commission, overtime, holidays, benefit-in-kind, travel pass, health cover, sick pay, statutory redundancy, unpaid leave, reimbursed expenses, pension, statutory and non statutory deductions
  • Demonstrate how to edit employee records to include amending error(s) generated in a previous pay period.
  • Print a selection of reports and documents to include: end-of-period and or end-of-year tax returns forms, payslips and relevant management reports after backing up computerised data.
  • Analyse management reports generated electronically

Assessment Techniques

  • Assignment                                             60%
  • Examination (Practical)                        40%

Entry Requirements

Learners must have gained QQI Level 5 Component Certificate in Payroll Manual and Computerised or have some experience in payroll.


Posted on

January 21, 2020