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16/04/2015 - 1st Year Science Trip

1st Year Science Trip


On Thursday 16th of April, all first year students embarked on an exciting, science-filled day trip to Dublin. First stop was the ‘Animal Inside Out’ exhibition in the Ambassador Theatre. The exhibition contained nearly 100 anatomically dissected animals. Students had the opportunity to see the intricate circulatory and muscular systems of dozens of animals including an awe-inducing Asian elephant. The specimens have been preserved through plastination, a method in which the animals’ skin is removed and their tissue water’s replaced with a polymer, such as silicon rubber.


Our second and final stop was the Natural History Museum on Dublin’s Merrion Square. The museum’s galleries are filled with nearly two million animal and geological exhibits from Ireland and overseas. Students spent an hour examining a variety of specimens from butterflies to beetles and the giant Irish deer.  The students were particularly impressed with the skeleton of a blue fin whale that had been found washed up on Bantry Bay, Cork in 1862.


The students thoroughly enjoyed the day.  It was educationally stimulating and sparked curiosity in their young minds. We have also organised another science trip for second year students on Thursday the 7th of May. Second year students will be going to Dublin Zoo to carry out their ecology study.


Leanne Moore

(Science Department, MCC)

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