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Spanish for Beginners please note time change


Join this most popular European Language class and learn the basics for holidays or business. Fun environment!

 Tutor Eliana Suarez BBS

Week 1: Meet and greet session. An exciting activity at the start of class completely immerses the learner in the language, and by the end they will be able to communicate basic information about themselves. Following from this we will go through the alphabet. The class will then develop into acquiring the survival skills for a basic conversation with a local Spaniard. All conversations develop from that all important question: 'Where are you from?' At the end of class we will discuss what we would like the focus of the seven weeks should be. Whether it should be more business or pleasure orientated. 

Week 2: When holidaying in Spain or South America, there is nothing worse than wandering the streets not knowing where to go. This session will focus on crucial building names and how to get to them. This knowledge will be an essential ingredient of the second language survival kit. 


Week 3: Learning directions in week two are definitely useful when looking for a restaurant to have a bite to eat. This week we will be learning  essential terms for ordering food and we will go through some tricks for reading complicated menus searching for the important keywords. Many new vocabulary items will be presented this week in relation to food. 

Week 4/5: Both Spain and South America have an abundance of lovely markets and shops. This week we will take a trip to the shops. The aim is to be able to ask for help, to communicate your shoe/trouser/dress size and most importantly to be able to ask how much it costs. To stay true to our Irish tradition, some bartering skills will be worked through which may come in handy. Throughout this process the numbers will be worked through.

Week 6: Revision activity through blind dating in a restaurant. The idea is to find out as much as possible about your blind dates, revising name, where you're from, bringing in profession and asking the person for their number. Ordering food will also be revised while on the date. This will ensure that the work to date is being used and remembered.

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