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Learn ways of identifying and dealing with life stresses and their effects through Mindfulness.

Tutor:  Daleena Conlinn. BA (Hons) Counselling Phychotherapy MAPCP 


Overview of course.

This course is intended as an introduction to the various ways of identifying and dealing with life stresses and their effects.  Each class will include theory, practice and time for personal reflection.  Each class will be a ‘stand-alone class’ which means that should you miss one or more nights you will not be at any disadvantage the next night you come.  Each class will begin and end with meditation and will include a stress reduction session.  No prior knowledge of the subject is required and everyone is welcome.   Please bring writing materials for your own use.


Week 1 Mindfulness.  What is it?

Week 2 What happens in the body and mind in response to stress.

Week 3 Early family relationships and their effects on adult life.

Week 4 How the body and mind function together.

Week 5. Effects of negative self-talk, positive self-talk and affirmations.

Week 6 Introduction to Emotional Freedonm Technique self healing trchnique

Week 7 Mindful eating experience.

Week 8 Where to from here?  Helps and supports available. 



































































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