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Italian for not absolute beginners(Intermediate)


Taught by a native speaker Costanza Curia Daly, this fun class is ideally suited to those who have completed the Beginners course or who have some knowledge of Italian and wish to expand their vocabulary and broaden their knowledge of Italian culture.


Week Number


1)      How do you say?

Saying thank-you, responses.

Some Prepositions.

What is the Weather Like?

Talking about the weather.

2)      How do you get to the Colosseum?

Asking for and giving Directions

At what time? Asking and giving a time for an appointment/meeting/get –together

Past Tense – Use of the auxiliary

3)      How much does it cost?

Making a purchase

Asking the price/giving the price of goods

What’s in your Wardrobe?

Describing somebodies clothes/dress

Buying clothes

4)      Taking a trip or Voyage

Asking touristic questions.

Booking a flight

Buying a train ticket

Booking a Hotel/Agriturismo/B&B

Present tense of the verb ‘Dare’ – to give.

5)      On Holidays

Different Holiday Options

Skiing/In the mountains

Food and Wine

On the Beach

What Holidays have you been on in Italy?


6)      Recap and Quiz.



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