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The Irish Revolution, 191623: national and local perspectives


Tutor Paul Hughes.
Each class will give an overview (with a Westmeath slant incorporated) of the subject matter outlined below, and will introduce students to sources used by historians – for example, police reports, newspapers, the Bureau of Military History witness statements, Military Service Pensions applications, and so on.  By the end of the eighth class, students would be equipped with a basic knowledge of the entire revolutionary period, understand where to find material relating to it, and how to use it.
The format below is chronological.
1. The Irish question: an overview, 1890-1913
2. World War I and the militarisation of Irish politics, 1914-16
3. The 1916 Rising
4. The reorganisation of Sinn Féin and the birth of the First Dáil, 1917-19
5. The War of Independence, 1919-21
6. Treaty and Truce, 1921-22
7. The Civil War, 1922-23
8. Themes: gender, activity, ideology, memory etc
Paul Hughes is a journalist and historian who works as Sports Editor with the Westmeath Examiner. In 2005, he graduated from Maynooth University with an MA in History, partly achieved by the completion of a thesis on the revolutionary period in King's County (Offaly). He is currently a part-time PhD student at the School of History and Anthropology in Queen's University, Belfast, and his thesis focuses on the republican activism (1916-23) of the Westmeath radical agrarian MP and later TD, Laurence Ginnell. A native of Delvin, Paul now lives in Mullingar.

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